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Blonde Jokes List
Joke Rating Date Type
Blonde Pin4.612004-02-23T
Orange Juice5.182004-02-22T
Gross Ignorance3.272004-02-21T
Blonde in the closet5.422004-02-13T
Blonde and Bigfoot5.302004-01-05T
Planning world war III7.032003-12-24T
Keys in the car5.122003-12-20T
2 Blondes and a mirror6.632003-12-19T
3 dumb blondes6.792003-12-18T
Trees in the road5.722003-12-17T
How do you keep a blonde busy?4.002003-12-16T
Blonde Puzzle6.812003-12-15T
Blonde Cruise5.472003-12-14T
Blonde Cell Phone6.162003-12-12T
Long plane flight5.612003-12-11T
10 Blondes on a rope6.532003-12-10T
Blonde wins a motor home5.662003-12-08T
Cheap Football5.512003-12-07T
Blonde in first class7.242003-12-06T
Blonde in a circle7.452003-12-05T
The Ventriloquist7.362003-12-04T
Blonde is a snow storm6.632003-12-02T
Breast Stroke6.422003-12-01T
Leaving work early6.162003-11-30T
Blonde Magic Mirror6.972003-11-29T
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